Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Rooms currently making me Tingle.....

What a babe!!! Love the room and the Sitar..
Kilim Corner seat.. yes please!
My current hall inspiration
Temple of The Lotus Yoga studio
The apartment from Eat, Love, Pray.... Swoon
Home of the Super talented Naomi of Etsy Shop Raintower
Do you ever have a Mary Poppins Moment where you wish you could jump straight into a picture?
A house combined of all of the above elements... yes please!!


  1. Sixties hippie it!

  2. These are wonderful..I love the room with the brick wall natural shades...:D

  3. All those rugs. We had a huge persian rug, but it was too big for our tiny house and dominated it. I'm hoping to get a few big rugs for our current place by some serendipity (since I have no money), because our floors are freezing.

  4. Yes Gabi...I have those moments frequently. I love the 'Eat, Pray, Love' apartment too!!! I think the element I like the most is the lighting...I use lamps at home too. About the only time I have a main light on is if I'm cooking in the kitchen then they go off and I use lamps to light the kitchen, lounge and bedrooms. It creates such a chilled, relaxed atmosphere. xox

  5. Love your blogs. That btw is a tanpura, a drone instrument used to accompany sitars and the like :)
    God bless


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