Monday, 15 December 2014

The Home of... Greg Irvine

Photos – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

This wonderful eclectic home is owned by artist Greg Irvine and I love it!! He has such a great eye for beautiful, interesting pieces. I love the contrast between the dark brooding sitting room and the bright white crisp dining room, they some how work really well together.

Although it easily could be for World of Interiors magazine this articles original source in the great Australian web site The Design Files. I cant believe I had not discovered this site until recently! I urge you to check it out, I could have re-blogged every picture but have left out loads...

Saturday, 13 December 2014

5 Decorating Mantras ...

I recently came across this Pin that had 5 decorating mantras to live by and thought they were so great I would share. I can actually relate to each of them...

1) The closer something is to your body the better it should be...
Toast Bedding

I am sure I am not alone in giving into those £12 Ikea double bedsheets and pillow sets, I mean they are a bargain...... But about a year ago I brought myself some really, really nice Cotton Pillow cases from Toast and have decided to slowly replace my cheap bedding for soft natural fibers. They feel so much better on my skin....

2) Surround yourself with quality, not clutter
Surround yourself with quality not clutter

I have a terrible habit of seeing something I like, finding it is a little bit out of my budget and then buying a cheaper version instead. Inevitably the cheaper option is not quite right and then spend ages wishing I had just saved up for the original in the first place.

3) Every room needs something Living

House plants are not only beautiful but they are calming. Whether its a beautiful hanging plant or a small cacti, a room does feel so much better with a little life in it

4) Honor the acts of daily living. If it's a habit, make it beautiful
If it's a habit make it beautiful

My morning ritual (whether it is 5 am or 7 am that Alex wakes me), always involves a cup of tea, I really cant function without a good cuppa. I am slowly replacing all my old mugs that I brought from necessity with hand made instead.

5) Life should sparkle. Every House needs Bling

Bling to me is a bit of Brass or a beautiful terrarium or any object that is a luxury. I have recently invested in a beautiful art deco star lamp for my hallway. I have wanted one since I was a little girl!!

What decorating mantras do you guys live by?

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A Christmas gift guide for the Bohemians....

A Christmas gift Guide for the Bohemians

It can be so hard to know what to buy as Christmas presents, even for those you know really well cant it?

My latest eBay collection is a Christmas gift guide for the bohemians in your life. I have had so much fun putting together and it was really very easy as I just had to think of items on my very own Christmas wishlist! Not only is this guide perfect to help your loved ones buy for you but also as a post-Christmas-treat-your-self guide!

So top of the list for Christmas this year:

Roberts Revival Radio    
Crosley Turn table           
Paddywax Apothecary jar candle      
Moroccan Star 
Eyeball Ring
Lepidolite Pyramid 
Charbonnel Hot Chocolate 

There are many more seasonal items in the Collection and it is being constantly updated so head on over to eBay to Follow

This Collection is part of an eBay competition that is running over November and December, all you have to do is Follow either/and my Winter Retreat or Bohemian Gift Guide collections  and you will be in with a chance win an eBay voucher to the value of £20. The winner will be chosen at random from their eBay ID and notified by the 5th January.  

Monday, 8 December 2014

Current Obsession: Sea Creatures from Big Stuffed

Small Octopus from Big Stuffed
When I say current obsession, I really mean Current obsession! These sea creatures from Big Stuffed are just gorgeous arent they? They are the creations of Paris based designer Dana Maskat, a former stylist from Tel Aviv.

My personal favorite is the huge over sized Octopus and would love one of these beauties for little Alex..... we shall have to see what Santa brings :)

Dana at work on her handmade Sea Creatures: Imgae credit from L'instant Parisien