Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Ghost Dancer Collection..

The Ghost Dancer Collection
The Ghost Dancer Collection
The Ghost Dancer Collection
Over the last year I have become totally obsessed with weaving and Woven wall art. These beautiful pieces are handmade by the talented Rhiannon of Ghost Dancer and I am sure you will agree are absolutely stunning!

The collection has literally just launched online, so here to explain her work in more detail is Rhiannon

"There are two collections, the first is the mica collection which is fiber art and mica comprised. The second,Woven: is a collection of the past years work I have been experimenting with. I've been studying weaving for 1.5 years and I was taught how to weave in the Saori manner. Saori is a zen practice of weaving that commenced during the late 1960's in Japan. The philosophy is a beautiful, resonating path that allows the weaver to weave in beauty and freedom, without ever encountering mistakes. All is intentional and even within the slides from the perfectionist eye, the weaving tells it's very own story. It's become my practice of slowing down, listening and allowing the momentum of what is to take me, rather than attempting to force.

The majority of my work is comprised of luxury yarns, many of which were gifted to me by my boyfriend's family. His aunt was a renown weaver in New Mexico who had her own facilities to weave, spin and hand dye her fibers. When she passed several years ago, his family acquired many of her specialty and hand spun yarns. When I spent the past Christmas with them and shared my new found love for one of the oldest traditions in the world, they quietly left two gigantic boxes of his aunt's fibers. Much of what I do, whether jewelry or weaving, comes from a traditional manner of connecting to the ancestors, listening to the ways in which they advise to slow down, put my hands and heart into the work with care and aspiration that these will one day be passed down to my family and my friends families."

The Ghost Dancer Collection

The faboulous Tova Kaye for Style Like u

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Seating: Enclosed garden with day bed.
Moroccan Inspired Outdoor seating
Small and Beautiful: Outdoor Balcony
Outdoor seating: Conversation pit
Art Luna Garden
Moroccan Roof terrace
Moroccan seating area: Kilim rugs and floor cushions
The Porch: Handmade chair and plenty of pot plants
Outdoor Nook

The Spring has finally happened here in the UK. Today is glorious and for the first time in ages I am wearing a t-shirt with no sleeves and sat blogging in the garden...bliss!!

Well..... it would be but after a long winter and autumn my garden is totally neglected and in some desperate need of some TLC. I have been browsing the web for some inspiration and now really want to create a plant covered nook, maybe with some pallet seating/day bed creation, covered with throws and cushions. The perfect spot to chill and look after my little dude as he grows and learns to interact with the outside world :)

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Dome in the Desert......

Dome in the Desert, Joshua Tree

Dome in the Desert: Meditation Loft
Dome in the Desert

I first read about the 'Dome in the Desert' back in January on Aquarian Soul blog. Kitted out with Kilims, ottomans, sheepskins and a selection of desert friendly houseplants, it is such a cool holiday hideout, perfectly kitted out for a chilled out out, Whiskey, smoke and good company kinda holiday!

The dome, situated in Joshua Tree, is owned by L.A residents Kathrin and Brian and is available to rent via Airbnb here, although having recently been used for a Free People shoot and soon to be featured n Justina Blakneys upcoming book I can see this place being booked up quickly.