Saturday, 28 March 2015

Current Obsession: Plant Anatomy by Rachel Notofsky

Plant Anatomy Prints by Rachel Ignotofsky

These Plant Anatomy pictures by Rachel Notofsky have been floating around Pinterest and Tumblr for a while. Although all three are beautiful the Anatomy of the Flower is probably my favorite. I just love the colours! These would look so pretty framed in my Dining Room....

To view more of Rachel's work , inducing Human cell prints visit her Etsy Shop

Anatomy of a Flower by Rachel Notofsky

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Traditional Swedish Stoves (kakelugn)...

Traditional Swedish Wood burning stove , Kakelugn
Swedish Wood Burning stove
Lars Bolander's Home Featured in Home and Garden Magazine
Traditional Swedish Wood Burning Stove: Fine Little Day

Arent these traditional Swedish stoves fabulous? I have been collecting these images for about a year, until I could get enough together to show you guys on Moon to Moon.

Swedish 'kakelung' have been made in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries out of hand made stove tiles. They are very efficient, evenly distributing the heat and heating up the masonry before exiting the chimney. I am sure you will agree these really are so, so beautiful!