Saturday, 20 September 2014

Closet: Vintage Indian Gauze dresses...

Closet Style: Vintage Indian Gauze dresses and Afghan treasures
Closet: Arranged by colour
Indian Gauze, Lace and plenty of texture
Bohemian and Vintage finds
Hmong, Indian and other beautiful textiles from across the world

Vintage Indian Gauze dresses from India: Phool, Peacock and Anokhi
I have always been obsessed with clothes, I guess it runs in the family. My aunt was a Biba and  Ossie Clark 'in-house model' and my mum is a big time clothing gal. Although I used to be adventurous with my clothes some where along the line I started wearing a lot of black and it is a comfort place I am making the move to get out of.

Although I like more unusual clothing I always wonder if I could pull it off, and black is so lovely and safe! Last week I took the plunge and purchased myself a beautiful Vintage Indian Gauze shirt and a waistcoat from Blooming Dreamer and was so thrilled I am hooked, in fact I have just ordered a vintage Phool dress too :)

Closets do look so much prettier in Colour.. don't you agree?

Friday, 19 September 2014

The Home of.. Writer Amy

This former water tower home is truly gorgeous isn't it? It is the home of Free people writer Amy, her partner Lauren and gorgeous little boy Myles.

Every aspect of this bohemian home is just perfect in my eyes. I love that this is a converted water tower yet it seems to be so homey and like it was just meant to be. Full of earthy organic textiles collected from the couples travels and surrounded by trees and overlooking a vineyard.. bliss!

To see the full set of photos and to read an interview follow the link here

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A house built in Turkish Caves...

Laura Prusoff and Nurettin Mantar's House built into Caves in Turkey
After watching Indiana Jones when I was younger I fell in love with Petra, and following a visit to a cave Monsetry in Cyrpress I became obsessed with the idea of living in a cave, well a house in a cave.

This little dream of mine is actually the reality for Laura Prusoff and Nurettin Mantar who live in this beautiful Cave  house in Turkey. It really is so beautiful isn't it? Although they have built a modern front to the property the cozy cave dwelling is still beautiful and the old cave walls are still visible.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

A splash of Colour: Hot Pink

Decorating with colour: A splash of Hot pink
Hot Pink Textiles including Hmong from Thailand
A splash of Color: Hot pink

I gotta be honest I am not really a pink kinda gal, just like Vanilla Candles, I find pink sickly and a bit over powering. However just a splash of hot pink to an otherwise muted colour palate actually looks pretty darn cool and with it's exotic feel may even help fight off those cold weather blues :)