Saturday, 18 April 2015

A Book Worms Dream : Reading Spaces....

Turquoise sitting room with Library
Reading Area
English Decoration by Ben Pentreath

Reading Room

I would love my own little reading nook .... wouldn't you?

All the images I have chosen are so eclectic, so full of 'stuff' and character. To me they are warm and cosy an womb like. They remind me of a comment I had once that said

        "I like all the rooms you post, but I could never be a bohemian.....there is so much stuff..... 
how do you dust?"

Monday, 13 April 2015

Ball Pendant Lights....

What could be more perfect?
Peter Aldrington
Rattan Pendant light

The Eames House
Rice lamp

Ball Pendant Lights.... I love them!

Every room in my house (but my entrance hall) has one! Large paper (Rice) or rattan balls grace every ceiling.... Even little Alex has a Habitiat MoonBuzz Light.

To me they resemble the Moon in the night sky, and I just love their simplicity... the fact that they are ridiculously cheap is just a bonus!

What do you recon? Love them or remind you of being a Student?