Sunday, 10 June 2012

Vintage Silver and Brass Lassi cups

Vintage silver and Brass Lhassi (lassi) cups

Vintage silver and brass Lassi mug 
Vintage Lassi cups used as vases via Niki Jones

Instagram: My vintage Lhassi cup used as a vase with Fresh Roses from my Garden :)
Aren't these Silver and brass Indian lassi cups wonderful? I have had my eye on them ever since seeing them in my lovely friend Kerrie's shop Gypsy River, I have taken the plunge and brought two, one is a vase and the other is our toothbrush holder. They look great as vases, pen holders, make up brush holders, or even for drinking a refreshing cup of home made mango Lassi.... mmmm Lassi!

Hoe you are all having a happy weekend....

xx Gabi xx

Lassi, a yummy yogurt based drink 


Missy said...

Love these! I have to two stools of the same treatment in my living room...

Linda said...

You post the most unique things...I love these...your roses are beautiful BTW :)

I am partial to the silver ones..

Have a wonderful Sunday Gabi

aroluna said...

Do love them, and the ceramic mug too! Cheers to the Lassi!!

Gypsy River said...

thank you for the shout out Gabi, have some beautiful Lassi cups in my shop right

helen tilston said...

Those glasses are superb. I just found your blog and immediately followed. I am looking forward to reading your posts. I shall look forward to your visit and comments


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