Sunday 22 June 2014

New Moon: Nursery Inspiration from Captain and the Gypsy Kid...

I love the little hand prints

All images via Captain and the gypsy kid

This nursery is beautiful isn't it? It is the nursery of Captain and Sugar, styled by blogger mum from Captain and the Gypsy kid. I love the warm natural tones pared with the bright textiles and art work. Okay so it is styled for the Elle photo-shoot within an inch of its life, but all the elements are there.

Captain and the Gypsy kid is a really beautiful blog and if you like the nursery I suggest you check out the rest of the home here


PinkPanthress said...

As you mentioned it is quite over styled, but the main design really is gorgeous!
I have no kids, but I would love a nursery and/or playroom like that if I had them. :D

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Vanessa said...

Been enjoying flipping through your posts. The one with the lion, wow! I wish I could have a pet lion..and that he was always magically tame and trusting and not a wild animal ;)