Saturday 10 October 2015

The Bohemian Hilltop Home of.... Vanessa from Honeywood Vintage

 The thing I really love about blogging and social media is the people i have been in contact with. People I will probably never meet in person (although i have met a few) but actually have played a part in supporting me through tough times and have offered advice, encouragement and wisdom.

One of these lovely people is Vanessa from Honeywood Vintage....

These pictures of Vanessa's home appeared on Apartment therapy some years ago and I remember instantly falling in love with that beautiful bedroom, with its stunning Piano Shawl positioned above the bed (just like Jimi Hendrix did in my favorite photo of him).

This is in fact Vanessa and musician partner Charlie Overbey's old property that they rented in Eagle Rock, California, they now have a new property which they are working on.... but Vanessa has promised me some photos to show of on Moon to Moon soon!!

A bit about Vanessa

My Style: As overused as I think the term is, I have to say Bohemian. Both of my parents have had a huge influence over my style — my mother is a true artist and collector who has been collecting all things vintage since before vintage was cool. As children, my sister and I were dragged (generally kicking and screaming) into every estate sale, Goodwill and Salvation Army that my mother could find, and that is how we learned about antiques, vintage clothing, textiles, etc. Now I am so thankful. My father was a design fanatic with impeccable taste who (lucky for me) taught me a lot about art and interior design.

Inspiration: I’m inspired by my work every day. My businesses revolve around ethnic vintage clothing and old textiles from different cultures, so I’m surrounded by lovely fabrics, colors, prints, and textures all day. Honeywood Vintage was born from my love of vintage Mexican, Eastern European and Latin American hand embroidered clothing. The hours of work and detail that go into these pieces is amazing! My other clothing line, GoldDust Dresses, was created with my partner using vintage hand-blocked Indian fabrics. I love items that are tactile and have a rich visual history. I think this has translated to an eclectic romantic bohemian vibe in the house. Thank goodness my boyfriend isn’t a minimalist!

 Best Advice:  Surround yourself with things you love! Even if it’s a flower you pick on the side of the road or a beautiful feather, Mother Nature is an amazing artist!

 To view more of this beautiful home and the original interview visit Apartment Therapy here... and be sure to check out Honeywood vintage!!!


Lady of the Woods said...

oh! I'm in love again!
NOTHING like Bohemian to make one fall in love and come alive all over again! love this, thanks. I'm off to Boho myself today. :D:D:D

ASL said...

please do not pick the flowers :-)

moonpoppy said...

Great place,thanks for sharing :)

Shell said...

What a lovely home, I especially like the armoire/ closet.