Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Tiny Home of .... Lucy Duval

Lily has whittled down her possessions to fit her tiny Christchurch home, but she has trouble parting with books; the bookcase beside the door – her first building project – was modified to fit the house; the stained-glass door was an extravagance she doesn't regret: "I look at it every day."

Lucy's tiny 14sqm tiny house is in Christchurch New Zealand and is the most homely of all the tiny houses I have seen. I just love that beautiful stained glass door and the inbuilt  shelves. Proving that you don't have to be minimalist in a minimal space.

To see more photos and a lovely interview with Lucy visit Stuff


Joy said...

This is one of the better designed small homes I've seen in awhile. I looked at the link and video. Just a charming, lovely space, homey, creative.

Paula said...

Thanks for sharing this. I've been following the tiny house movement for a long time now and I've seen some pretty clever solutions but I think this might be my favorite tiny house yet; it's SO COZY! I love everything about it.

rosa lily said...

I to have a tiny home (a flat). This little home is a real beauty, I am in love with the decor and it feels so 'right' x

moonpoppy said...

I love it so much,it really is a "home" and not just a house,beautiful.

Madooka said...

I just love tiny houses! Makes me want to pack up everything I own into storage and just live in one for a year or two.

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