Monday, 4 January 2010

Umming and ahhing and new years resolutions

My new year resolution was to buy only nice things...... Might sound like a strange and very materialistic one but it is one that I think I will be able to stick to.

No more spending £45 in Primark on a bag full of clothes that will realistically shrink and look foul in 3 months time, instead I will spend the £45 on 1 quality item that will last and I can be proud to wear.

It also means buying good quality food and drink and home furnishings, although a trip to ikea every now and then is exeptable.

With this in mind I have now struck a dilema.........

It all started with the picture in my last post with the lovely large cushions on the sofa. I did a little google search and found this picture from Cherie City's Blog, and saw that beautiful cushion in the top right courner.

and then I came across the above picture from Print and pattern blog

I am sure you will agree it is beautiful and being from anthropologie I am sure it will be good quality. I have until the end of the day to decide as Millie in the London shop has put it aside for me.

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