Sunday, 6 June 2010

A passion for fashion

 I am a Tarurean, and unfortunately that is supposed to make me rather materialistic, and I hate to admit it but it i so so true. I really don't care to much about money (I am a nurse, we don't get paid much), but I love beautiful things, and clothes are such a big passion of mine.

I have started to collect vintage clothing and have recently spent a very large amount on a beautiful 1930's dress but it was oh so worth it. Any way so this has got me thinking about storage, it seems so mean to keep these beautiful garments in a wardrobe shut away from the world.

Wouldn't it be marvellous if you could have a whole room dedicated to those beautiful garments? Put all those bags and shoes on display. It would certainly make getting ready to go out a lot easier.


bananenblatt said...

you are oh so right!

Island Gal said...

I love closets!! I did a post on them:

nicole said...

but dusty

NotesFromAbroad said...

In Argentina, when we bought our home and had it renovated, we took the "maids room" and made it the "dressing room/closet". We had a beautiful arched doorway cut into the wall of the bedroom, there was a huge window and the cupboards/closet went all the way to the ceiling. 20 ft ceilings.
It was my dream closet and I miss it every day lol ..