Saturday, 19 June 2010

A well deserved lie in

Doesn't  this bed just look so cosy.  It is the kind of bed where you wake up at midday with the sun on your face feeling totally refreshed from the well deserved deep long sleep you just had.

Not so keen on that painting but that could be easily fixed

Where ever you have woken up this morning I hope you have had the lie in's you deserve


bananenblatt said...

i woke up at five a.m. today next to my kitties waiting for me to prepare their breakfast:)
the first bed looks really beautiful and comfy, but the painting is also not my taste, its way too creepy for the bedroom (or maybe any other room)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous rooms!. I actually like the painting, but I prefer to be surrounded by books over art in the morning:)

Carousel Dreams said...

I love that painting!