Monday, 19 July 2010


I once read that to make cats feel at home, when you move, you should put butter on their paws so they lick it off and feel at home, never having had cats I don't know if its true, but at the moment I am scattering my cushions, lighting candles and incense, cooking my favourite comforting food, listening to plenty of music and taking lots of baths to try and make me feel settled in my new home.

Isn't it strange the rituals we go through to make ourselves feel right in new surroundings? How much 'better' one can feel when our pots and pans have found a home in the cupboard, the satisfaction we feel when our mirror is placed on the mantle next to the ostrich feathers and other assorted trinkets and how we can feel more at peace when sitting against that ratty loveable cushion on our favourite chair with a cup of tea (or coffee)?


Diane Costanza said...

Interesting about the buttered paws. Not sure if that would work and I do have a cat.

Good luck and much comfort in your new home,

bananenblatt said...

i have quite similar rituals to make me feel at home, like when i travel in the van for the first days i want to light incense sticks to smell a familiar fragrance. this really helps i think... and of course cooking helps too :)

Rata said...

I used to do this to my cats! really, it works but it's better to keep them in for a week or so anyway. I never feel at home till I unpack my craft stuff, it's like surrounding myself with all my old friends.