Thursday 1 May 2014

The Portland home of... Emily Katz

The Portland home of... Artist Emily Katz

All images of Emily and her home are via The Weaver House
Isn't this home great? It is the home of Portland designer/makeup artist/ artist Emily Katz. I love the abundance of houseplants and the splashes of red, and those dreamy bathroom tiles!!

To see more of this dreamy house visit The Weaver House here :)


Kath said...

as always, I am looking hard at the quilts :-D

poisonwood said...

I love all the plants she has! What a peaceful space.

Happy Murmurs said...

Wow! What a beautiful place! It's so open and earthy. Love it!


Anthropomorphica said...

I honed in on the tiles too. Gorgeous place, thank you for sharing it!

Lorraine said...

Your home looks so lovely! We do have cool homes here in Portland. =)

Anonymous said...

Nice! So funny, I've been following this talented girl on Instagram too, it's good to see a post on her in this amazing blog too. I love her house and her artworks!


Emily Katz said...

thank you for featuring my house! I love reading all the sweet comments from everyone too! <3

KamilÄ— said...

This home is so beautiful! I especially liked the kitchen. I just want to get in there and make some herbal tea. Thank you so much for sharing these beutiful places, they get me so inspired.


Dharma said...

Absolutely gorgeous home! I love the peacefulness of it.
I too live in the Portland area and some of the greatest homes are in her area. Beautiful older homes.