Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I'll be your mirror...

Bijou and Boheme
Unknown sorry!
Absolutely beautiful things

Okay, so some of the rooms are a little tidier and smarter than what I would usually go for, but I am ignoring that and looking at those beautiful large mirrors! They look so good leaning on the floor like that, and they create so much more beautiful natural light. 


a Broad said...

I really think I have to have the second one. I love that it is white too .. I have the mirror in the third photo.
When we bought it, it had to sit on the floor, there was no wall big enough. Where I live now, the ceilings are 15 feet high, the mirror looks average sized !

My Grama's Soul said...

All these rooms are so them all.


Lief said...

Excuse me. Some of us have assignments to do and magazines to write. HOW DARE YOU MAKE IT SO EASY TO PROCRASTINATE?!?
Ha. I actually adore you. You and your general taste in everything. Expect a ridiculously melodramatic marriage proposal from your biggest fan. :D

Oh, and Bijou and Boheme in this post, uh, this is utterly swell. I have most of your pictures saved onto my USB. ^_^