Tuesday 14 June 2011

Wash away your cares .......

Outdoor bath via La Vie d'une Fleur

Retro red bathroom via barbie babes

Antique taps and shower head via bones and coffee

Moroccan style bathroom

Bohemian cave bathroom via my endless euphoria

Vintage, rustic bathroom via flickr

Outdoor dream bathroom via small rooms

Rustic bohemian bathroom via link

Bohemian bathroom via Link
I am a little stressed at the moment (although I am pretending to myself I am not). So this post is dedicated to my favourite place the bathroom. As I have mentioned a million times I love my baths. I step in and leave my cares outside the door. Heaven.

The top photo is dedicated to the lovely Denise aka Boho Girl so glad you have found your sparkle xxxx
The second is for Vix over at Vintage vixen, one of my new favourite blogs xxx


hippyatheart said...

totally love the pic of 'small rooms' - like that kinda interior - exterior room feeling

Zoe said...

Im a bath addict! everynight i have to have a lovley warm bath with oils and bath salts. All of the above are perfect, le sigh.

Zoe x

Vix said...

I'm touched! You've got my taste down to a tee and I love your blog, too. xxx

Anonymous said...

A beer, in the bath, outside?! Throw in a baby turkey(?) as a bonus = heaven!!
But back to the real world... I looooove these bathrooms! I can actually see myself having the 4th, 5th, and 6th! I would bathe for a living!!

BohoMind said...

Your blog is such an inspiration, so I gave you a stylish blogger award!

Notes From ABroad said...

I still ( years later) have fond memories of a home in the US that we had the bathroom renovated and I would lie in the tub with the window open on hot Summer afternoons and soak while the breeze would come in .. bringing the scent of mown grass and summer air.
Wherever I go, I always try to have a big bathtub for soaking in .. I don't really get to soak often enough, this was a good reminder :)
besos and I hope your stress is gone soon ~

Sarah said...

Love all of these! :)

enjoythesilence said...

Totally agree. I am a bath addict right now too. There is nothing better than almost falling asleep in a hot bath on a cold day.


windrock studio said...

I am without a tub right now! just a shower, I know it's pretty unthinkable, so imagine how much I love just seeing these beauties!
thank you ever so much.

mikaela said...

Hullo! Sorry to do this through comment as opposed to email. Anyhoo, I was wondering if I could possibly upload some of the pictures on your blog to a home design site called Houzz? It's basically a giant inspiration gallery, but they don't feature nearly as many bohemian and gypsy style pictures as they should! I love all the amazing ones you post here on your blog, and I just wanted to share them with all the likeminded people on Houzz. Giving you all the due credit, of course!

I understand if you're not cool with that though. I just really like what you manage to dig up, and I think other people would too :)
Either way, much thanks for giving me the time of day, I know how busy being a nurse can get.
best of wishes,

Dagný Björg • Dagfar said...

These bathrooms are amazing!! I love the one with the rock wall and also the one with the flowers floating around in the tub - beautiful.

I love your blog!