Monday, 19 September 2011

Hibernation season - bohemian interiors

Summer Teeth

gypsy rose tea

Bohemian homes

Alison Duke on flickr
Bohemian children

Bohemian homes
It's hibernation season again. Curled up in bed listening to the wind and rain at the window, heaven!


aBroad said...

They all look so cozy :)
And we are just coming Out of Hibernation ~

Sidereal Day said...

Yes, very cozy.

Vix said...

Just wonderful! A glass of wine and a good book and I'd be in heaven. x

Limited Edition Prints said...

I'd never get out of bed.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I just want to crawl into all those pictures and cozy up in those rooms!! I am so completely in my element when I come to your blog - so so so cool!
Did I mention how much I love those pics?
Happy Monday!

catandkate said...

we love love your blog, and use it all the time for inspriation for our little gypsy den. cant get enough of your photos and themes for your posts! please check us out, much love!


just love the last pic, so cosy...

Cat and Kate said...

We just moved to Salt Lake and have been preparing our little house for hibernation season. Such good photos for inspiration, thank you for posting!

xx Cat and Kate