Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Readers Homes: Sarah from La Maison Boheme

Sarah from La Maison Boheme shares with Moon to Moon her beautiful bohemian home

Master Bedroom with Mexican throw on the bed
                        Embroidered place mats from Mexico framed below a ceramic Mary.
Eclectic Living Room

Bohemian Office space- love that painting!!
Mantle details

Lavender in a blue Bucket
This readers home is the Lovely Sarah from La Maison Boheme. Here Sarah tells us a litle more about her beautiful home....

1) Tell us a little bit about you and where you live?
My name is Sarah Greenman and I'm a writer, artist, actor, blogger and Mama to two boys. I live in Dallas, Texas with my husband in a ranch style home.  We moved to Dallas from Seattle and are still getting to know our new home town.

2) What attracted you to your home?
It had great energy and flow.  

3) Do you have a favourite/sentimental item?
This is a tough question because my home is filled with things that I love. I really adore my grandmother's decoupaged screen. She was a costumer and used the screen to pin up her renderings.  Then she started decoupaging them to the screen. Every time she'd do a new show, she'd put up the new sketches over the old ones.  If I were ever to excavate the screen's layers, I'm sure I'd find 10 or 15 separate costume designs beneath each panel. 

4) Where do you buy your furnishings? Any recommendations?
All over really. I'm an avid Craigslist searcher. I also love consignment and thrift stores.  IKEA is also an easy go-to place for organizational furnishings like shelves, etc. Lula B's in Dallas is a favorite place to find home goods.

5) What/who inspires your personal/ home style?
I'm inspired by traveling.  I feel like every time I come home from somewhere (Mexico, Scotland, France, Italy) I want to completely remake my home in that style.  I also really love designers Isabella Lopez Quesada and Steven Gambrel.  Their spaces really speak to me. 

6) What/ where would be your dream home?
Someplace where I could grow my own food without having to fight the elements and someplace near the sea. The home itself would be older with lots of charming details.  I'd also have my own studio space - a room completely my own.  

7) What was the last item you brought?
A set (12) of cocktail glasses - 6 short and 6 tall buckets.  They're from the 70's - black glass with gold coins stamped into the sides.  I found them at a consignment shop - 10 dollars for the entire set.

8) Do you have a wish list item for your home?
Yes.  It's a long list.  But I would really love to replace the floors in our home with a unified hard wood.  The existing parque floors are done.  They've had their day and the home really needs something new.  Or new windows, or a master bath remodel, or a revamped master closet, or a new kitchen sink (ours leaks), or a new fridge (ours floods every other day due to a faulty ice maker). 

Thank you Sarah, be sure to check out her beautiful blog La Maison Boheme 


hippyatheart said...

How I love that Ikea and vintage funiture mix.

Please be sure to check out my new blogspot, would be happy if we could follow each other again!

xx viviane (former blog: hippiebohoreloaded)

Brandi@ Flights of Whimsy said...

So beautiful! Love Sarah and her home, her new office make over is great!