Monday, 13 March 2017

Strandkrypa Botanical bedding from Ikea

Strandkrypa : Ikea Floral bedding... and no I don't Iron :)
Strandkrypa: ikea botanical bed linen
Strandkrypa bedding from Ikea

You know the deal, you go into Ikea to get some of those cheap Kilner style jars and maybe a couple of cheap washing up brushes and... bang.... you are hit by something that is actually really, really nice and not only is it awesome but also really cheap.

This is how I ended up with my favourite botanical bed linen, 'Stradkrypa'. This beautiful botanical bed linen is an absolute bargain and really good quality cotton.

and no I am not working for Ikea..


moonpoppy said...

How beautiful,thanks for letting us know ;)

Babylon Sisters said...

Perfect! Re-doing a bedroom right now and this looks like just the thing - thanks!

Travellyn said...

My friend bought this pattern last year. Really great quality. Love your posts. Thanks.