Monday, 13 September 2010

Casa Consuelo

Isn't this home amazing? What a place to live. With Autumn appearing almost overnight here in the UK, the lazy hazy days of summer seem so far away.

This bohemian Spanish home Casa Consulo is on my list of properties to dream about over the rainy cold winter months. I didn't get a chance to go to India or Morocco this year as planned, so next year I am going to be planning a biggy!

Any of you guys get to go away anywhere nice?


Kara said...

whoa, that third photo is kitchen heaven! and i love the bathroom. the whole place is stunning --

Carousel Dreams said...

What an amazing place! (We are heading off to Bali in 3 days! Yay!)

Sonja said...

Where the heck do you find all these gorgeous photos I loooove them!
I love the raw wood in these spaces. Lovely! :o)

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Ohhhh myyyy, what a beautiful home! Love the reed ceilings, the beams, and that tile. You have an exciting trip planned! My only vacation plans are less grand (family related, and a trip to Florida to see friends, the beach, & a modern furniture exhibit). I'll have to live vicariously through you :-)

ramona said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos. So inspiring!

leaha said...

This house is absolutely beautiful , do u know where it is in Spain , I would love to visit as i am going in 3 weeks ? x

C said...

This house is AMAZING! Talk about making you dream. Where is this located?

aroluna said...

this is just too too perfect. A dream!

Anonymous said...

Muy linda!!! Wonderful house! A dream house.
Kiss, Dani

Anonymous said...

Why is there no link to the original source of these images? Please at least credit the photographer: Jordi Canosa (

Sherry Stewart said...

Many of us are like you, wanting to build our own homes. We should consider getting together , buying some land, and helping each other create our own nests. After all, birds do it, and bees do it!

Any respecting person could do it.
It's a tribute to any creator that you've appreciated, and so, maybe some wanton photographer wants credit for 'creating a potograph'. It's not always possible to get names. Me, I do work, I work with clay, etc. and whatever I do, I put it out, and I hope someone someone where enjoys as much as you do.

Your enthusiasm speaks volumes.

The real artists of the world aren't hung up in laws of the day, rules, controlling what anyone else does, or certainly, my pet peeve, lol, by laws. Yeah, once i met some people who were an "artist group" making by laws. Run, Forest run, (I have to say to me)!

Life is in the spirit! We are ONE! No copyright needed!

violetvonviolet said...

What a nice find!!!!

This house is originally called Can Piedra Feliz because it was built by Drew Gladstone, a New Yorker that hit Formentera island on the ´70. When he bought it, it was only the kitchen room and he started to built the rest with all his friends. He was inspired always by Gaudi. The bench in the living room was a huge rock that made him decide that he was going to build all of it, it's the center and base of the house. Each stone was polished and the wood on the upstairs room was of an old train. That house has thousand of stories that anyone in Formentera can tell you about. I have many pictures of when it was being built, weddings, parties and summer afternoons.

That man was my father and I was born in that kitchen. Thank you very much for giving live again to the house. Many many people has enjoyed that house and it will always remain in everybodys heart.

The house is in the island of Formentera, Balearic Island. In Es cap de Barberia, is the last house before the basurero. Now is owned by some italians. Hope you can find it one day.♡