Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Zen moments..


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I have had a bit of a rough time recently, miserable winters, too much study and working 50+ hour weeks in the hospital has been getting me down a bit and i have been finding it hard to shake off the mean blues. No amount of shopping for jewellery or eating yummy food has done the trick.

Yet this morning I had a breakthrough, Before I had even opened my eyes I was aware of the birds singing happily in the garden and through a gap in the curtain a ray of sunshine was warming my face. Pure bliss. Everything seemed so much clearer and the weight of the last 5 months was lifted. These unexpected moments of natural clarity are so rare and precious aren't they?


I would like to thank the owners of 'simply me' and 'Bohemian Valhalla' for their spotlighting Moon to Moon. Both kindred spirits and beautiful blogs I urge you to check them out xx

It has come to my attention that in my shear laziness in the past I have been useless at referencing my sources. I have no excuses and I will aim to link from here on xx


Anonymous said...

I came over from Simply Me and I can see why she loves your blog so much! It's amazing and beautiful! I just want to change my whole style now..."chilled out and lazy"...I love that thought.
I look forward to following along ~

Sarah xo

im zoe said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous.

Zoe x

a Broad said...

Imagine, waking up to the sight of an elephant walking past !
My little bit of joy was waking up this morning to see Pup, all curled up in his blanket, by the bed, and upon seeing me awake, thumping his tail and looking bright-eyed and Well !!!
I hope you have only Up days from now on !
besitos, C

laura said...

Oh love your style... we are birds of a feather.. stopped over via simply me xo Laura

Brooke said...

I'm slo glad you'll be linking now! I sometimes want to learn more about a photographer and hopefully now I'll be able to trace them. :)

That mossy photo is gaspworthy.

Brooke said...

Also meant to add that something must be in the air: I had a mean blues turned to sunshine week too. Perhaps it's spring??