Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Current Obsession... Brooklyn to West

Brooklyn to West

Brooklyn to West headboard

Brooklyn to West is my latest obsession and has me dreaming about starting a woodwork course in the new year. I loved woodwork at school and always wished I could have studied it at GCSE.

This beautiful furniture is made from reclaimed wood so each piece Ariele makes is unique...  based in New York,  having left her native California to study sculpture. Ariele says she

"eventually gave in to my desire and decided to build reclaimed furniture instead. It felt great to start making things that people needed, wanted, and could use in their daily lives."

I urge you to head over to her blog and shop


Anna-Mari said...

I found your blog today, and oh my... it's HEAVEN in the blog world! I have been going back through your posts and enjoyed so much of everything, thank you! So inspiring photos of magical interiors! I love bohemian and eclectic style, and I'm trying to get more of that feel into my own home. I got so much inspiration here, and have to come back to see the rest.

Melissa said...

Wow, such amazing craftsmanship (craftswomanship?)! This is all so beautiful.

<3 Melissa