Wednesday 7 May 2014

Current Obsession: K&R Ceramics....

Hand-thrown/hand-painted birdfeeders by K&R Ceramics
Hand-thrown/hand-painted planters by K&R Ceramics
K&R ceramics.... perfect for homemade lemonade.... or West Country Cider :)
Ceramic Terrarium
Totally love these vintage feel Ceramics from K&R Ceramics aka Kat Hutter and Roger Lee, a collaborative endeavor as partners and artists working in the neighborhood of Mount Washington, Los Angeles.

To see more of their beautiful work visit their website and shop here


Introducing New World's With a Shrug said...

I love this post. I tried to buy the terrariums in the bottom photo last month but couldn't find any place online to purchase them. I saw the birdhouses yesterday when you posted them on pintrest and now want one of those too :) If you have any shop links, I will be forever grateful. They make some truly great stuff.

Moon to Moon said...

There is no online shop but you can contact them directly via their webpage. They replied to me really quickly :)

Jessica said...

Perfection!! Thank you for sharing these. LOOOOOVE!

Being Barlow

Introducing New World's With a Shrug said...

Thank you :) That is great news. Their stocklist said that they didn't sell directly so I've been trying to purchase the terrariums through their retailers but haven't had any luck. I must have been so excited after seeing the terrariums that I misread the site haha. Thanks again.