Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day Bed: Cushions and throws and a cup of Joe

A Beautiful Day bed covered with cushions and throws in a windowed room ... Heaven
Bohemian Day bed with sheep skin throw and kilim cushions
Beach Day Bed: with Moroccan blanket
Dreamy Wooden Day Bed found via Gypsie Sister

Day Bed
Spring is finally here in the UK. I get really low and miserable in the Winter months and spend my days dreaming about moving to California or following my friend Tom over to Ecuador, to live in a Beach hut and sip fresh Pina Colada's.

Just like a cup of tea, the feeling the sun on my face just washes away so much negativity and tension, and gives me so much more energy and inspiration. That said there is nothing quite as wonderful as propping your self on a comfy day bed, sofa or hammock and reading your book with the sun overhead and a home-made lemonade by your side. Bliss!!


Sailor July said...

Ahhhh, I love those window beds, and that little encased one!!!

I'm the exact opposite season wise! I prefer Autumn and Winter, and I get kind of depressed during Summer time. Granted, Summer DOES have pluses. BBQs, swimming, personal holidays... But, if I could, I'd have a nearly sunless Summer, filled with rainy and thunder stormy days, windy weather and cuddling with a big fan blowing cool air around. I love how our swamp cooler lets the scent of rain drift in. <3

Kath said...

to Ecuador, to live in a Beach hut and sip fresh Pina Colada's.

Sounds divine! especially on a gloomy grey day like this one.

Boho Mixology said...

Im also the same with A/W I need sunshine and bright days otherwise I also can get quite down! I alway day dream of moving away to a sunnier climate. Sunshine is so healing its amazing how those few rays can completely change the day. I vote Ecuador ( only if i can come hahah) :)

Zoe xx

Debora Spera said...

Very beautiful ideas!

Cheryl said...

I love the daybed in the first picture with the big cushions.

Does anybody know of any websites to purchase big cushions like those?

Was interested in using them as seat cushions.