Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Large Round Mirrors...

Round Mirror
Rounded Mirror in dressing room
Round office mirror
Large round mirror: Eclectic, vintage interior
Large round mirror: Sera of London
I am on the hunt for a big, beautiful, round vintage mirror for the top of my stairs. I found a beautiful one in a local charity shop but by the time I had returned to collect it, it had been snapped up by someone else.

My house is pretty light anyway but there is a darker area at the top of my stairs and I am hoping a mirror on the opposite wall may reflect enough light over for a house plant to live there happily.


HillaryPearl said...

I could see myself living in the bottom two pictures. And athough not vintage-y I have seen many round mirrors at ikea, and the price there is normally just right.

Sailor July said...

I love how, for some reason, round mirrors feel so natural and earthy!!! I love your finds. :)

Boho Mixology said...

I adore large round mirrors, one at the top of the stairs sound so lovely. Hope you manage to find one soon.

Zoe xx

Unknown said...

Round mirrors are always chic. They have somewhat of a mystery to them.
Ed of