Saturday 16 July 2016

One Fine Stay: Franklin Place

 You know when you read about celebrities that don't actually own a place but spend a fortune staying in hotels and rentals? I never quite got it but looking at this awesome Tribeca, New York Pad up for hire (for a minimum of 90 days) I can now see why.

"Shelves of curios and a small forest of potted plants greet you as you enter the sitting room of Franklin Place, which has low-slung sofas and hardwood floors. There are natural history artefacts throughout the home, most notably the skeleton suspended above the dining table. The table seats eight, and just past it is the kitchen, where open shelves and subway tiles give the space an industrial feel.

Past the kitchen, a hallway takes you to the second and third bedrooms, which are connected by a bathroom. The master bedroom, with its elegant tiled wall, is at the end of the hall. The final exhibit is the spa-like ensuite with a Jacuzzi bath and a steam shower."

Franklin Place is available via One Fine Stay

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PinkPanthress said...

I wouldn't rent it... but it's a beautiful place!! :)

Unknown said...

At $1,000+ per night for a minimum of 90 nights, this is a little beyond my range. I expect I would have to pay through the nose to park the maid's Ferrari too!

Laura Morrigan said...

I'd like the giant snake skeleton or whatever it was on the ceiling!

Moon to Moon said...

$90,000? wow. that is a lot of money!