Thursday 14 July 2016

The Home of....Artist Cornelis le Mair

How awesome are these photos of Dutch Artist Cornelis Le Mair's bohemian home that i found over at Romany Soup? Against the all white and natural trend that is in abundance at the moment it is nice to see some good old fashioned colour and eclectic collecting!!!

"Le Mair’s farmhouse, decorated and furnished to his own vision, has been filmed, photographed and written about on many occasions. Multiple articles in magazines and many a television program have been devoted to this eclectic and unique domicile. Exhibitions of his works received major media attention and drew great crowds, especially the Retrospective Exhibit in Museum Kempenland in 1994, the one-man Exhibit in the Castle of Zeist in 1998, and the Retrospective Exhibit in the Westfries Museum in 1999. " From Cornelius's biography


moonpoppy said...

I have seen a documentary about this man on Dutch television ( I'm Dutch)and I remember him saying that he doesn't want a woman living with him,because he doesn't want anybody to try and change his interior :)I can't say I blame him!

Moon to Moon said...

Haha! I often wonder how out of control my house would be if my boyfriend didn't live with me :)