Monday, 1 February 2010

Velvet and lace

 I always wonder, with these beautiful homes weather any men actually live in them? To me they look like the homes of single ladies, Dan 'allows' me a few ostrich feathers and hints of lace and velvet here and there but would never invite his mates round to watch the footie if our house was as delightful and eclectic as this one. A shame as this is pretty much my idea of heaven.


Sofia said...

Hello Violet (love your name):)

Like you I don't think I could live in a minimalistic house but the images you haver here are just too much! How can someone clean the dust in a house like that?:P hahaha

But I love the textures and the variety of details. Not sure if someone lives there, but if not, someone definitely should:)


theurbanhippie said...

Oh man, these are so gorgeous! I don't know how you find such great goodies to show us.

Hayley Egan said...

I've thought that before! :) The houses I've lived in since being with my partner have been much more masculine, somehow... My style is bohemien romanc-ey... his more white walls and vintage objects.But it's beautiful the way the results reflect both of us.

Thanks for your awesome posts! X

Anonymous said...

I agree- single ladies with perhaps some well-behaved cats. My husband's style goes more toward large tvs and sleek modernism (sterile and soulless), coupled with baseball posters. Yuck. So our combined style is sort of an agreed-upon lack of style, somewhere in the middle. Very dull, but at least not chrome-plated.