Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Opulent Bohemian Gardens

Big or small, there is no excuse to have a weed infested garden, paint the concrete blue, put some fern in a large terracotta pot and get some Moroccan tea-light holders, or storm lamps and you are on your way to a bohemian paradise.

 I am in love with the top picture, those rust coloured cushions against the green is so stunning.


a-n-n-a said...

last summer, i spend my vacations in a small old town, in a small old house. the house was leaned on a hill and to reach the garden we had to go along a lot of stairs next to the house, but when we finally reached the garden, it looked like on the first picture. it was totally awesome, i fell in love with this garden. :)

Anonymous said...

These are awsome pics the top two are my fav.

sigal said...

violet, i love the photos you post. these photos only prepare me to what i'm about to discover in Morocco, when i travel next week. love your blog. so casual and.... homey.