Wednesday, 4 August 2010

What is a bedroom?

I think the bedroom will always be my favourite room, one I associate with safety and privacy. I suppose as children, unless you shared, it is the only room where we can call our own. 

I remember as a teenager sat on my bed listening to Bjork, Nirvana and Massive Attack on my tape player and reading rolling stone, or vox. I had a massive collage on my wall of all my favourite musicians, actors, films and places, and would light some incense and candles, and feel safe and happy in my own little domain, away from the pressures of High school.

As we get older and share our lives and bedrooms with others, it takes on a new form and a new layer of privacy, and we have to relinquish some of our style for man objects that are ugly and purely functional (ick). It is still the place I cherish for my me time, to meditate and light some incense when the world is getting a little bit too intense, to take a deep breath and look at the bigger picture.

What are your ideas?


Kara said...

mmm so obsessed with the first one -- i wish we owned our loft so i could paint the floor boards! and bjork... oh my! love her!

Glynis said...

for me, it's definitely the 4th one..sighhh. that is the mood of a room that I could so lose myself in.

Very strange, I was starting to write my blog post about le boudoir. I spent the morning, deepening, darkening and colouring our bedroom.

I took about 50 pics but see I still have much to do before I share that.

and yes..incense. The problem with me is my husband's tastes and mine differ. arggh

A page of rain said...

Oh yes, I definitely agree about invasion of man objects! I would love to have a room to myself again...