Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Home of .... Stone Fox Bride..

Large open spaces with white walls, Beni Ourain rugs, Indian fabrics, Moroccan Pouffes, books organised by colour and yoga in the Living room, what is not to love about Stone Fox Bride's creator Molly Guy's apartment?

Wouldn't trust myself with a glass of red wine though :)

Orginal images and interview from Tales of Endearment 


hippyatheart said...

really a flat I would move in in an instant! loving all the white details, paired with finds from all ove the world. modern and boho at the same time. and she's a beau.

Jo Waterhouse said...

The plants are superb - so big and happy.

Boho Mixology said...

hahah yeah that's a red wine nightmare waiting to happen! but the place look like heaven! I just love everything.

Zoe xx

Rebecca said...

that bedroom is actually perfect


Arlie said...

i adore everything about this! so fresh feeling.