Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Halona Glass: Terrariums and Sun Catchers

Twiggy Levy from Halona Glass

Halona Glass studio: image from No guts No Glory
Halona Glass: 666 Prism Terrarium
Halona Glass: Small Geodesic Topper
Halona Glass: Stretched Simple Arrow Tail
Halona Glass is the Studio of Twiggy Levy based in Brooklyn. I fell for the 666 Prism Terrarium after seeing a picture of it on tumblr and have been on the hunt for the photo credit for months. It is one of my new years resolutions to get myself a terrarium and maybe one of those Arrow tails.

Hope you are all having a happy new year

xx gabi xx

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Clover Tate said...

those terrariums are amazing
on my list now too lol

Kath said...

Hi G, some lovely things here as always, I expect you are really settling into your home now.
Happy New Year to you, may 2013 bring you lots of good things.

gypsie sister said...

Im in love with them! such gorgeous pieces.

Zoe xx

Jo Waterhouse said...

Yes these are beautiful. I'm always surprised how well terrariums work as well, plants love them.
Happy new year, I always enjoy looking at your blog.

David Hornero said...

Happy New Year

Melissa said...

WOw, this work is absolutely stunning! I'm blown away.

<3 Melissa

Chloe Chippendale said...

WOW!!!! This is so BADASS!
Thank you for constantly turning me on:) xx

The Observant Introvert said...

Man, be careful ordering from this girl. I sent her $200 plus 28 for shipping for a couple pieces and never received them, and she won't refund my money. Buyer beware with this one.