Friday, 28 June 2013

Bring back the Gramophone...

Gramophone Dream
Gramophone in green
\Period home with History: Gramophone giant
Bedroom Gramophone

They are just faboulous arent they? I would smile for a year if I had one of these vintage beauties!!
If I wasn't so worried that if I got one it wouldn't work I would buy one tomorrow, I do just have really bad luck with electrical s..... of course it would look pretty even if it didn't work

However, for those scared of vintage electricals too, there are always the iphone Gramophones, which are still pretty darn cool?!?

Iphone Gramophone

iphone gramophone from pottery barn


Melissa said...

What a beautiful device! I think an iPhone gramophone is a must-have for me now! x


Andrea Masó said...

i love it!!!

Jasmine Alvarez said...

I would love to acquire one

Kath said...

goodness this takes me back. When we were little my brother and I were given a wind up, which weplayed with in the garden! We had a stack of old 78's and the needles were in a little metal bowl set into the top of the gramophone. There were doors on the front which you could shut to mute the sound. It didn't have an amazing trumpet like these, they are stunning!

Mrs Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

I sometimes come upon the old cabinets they were once housed in. I have one hidden in the garage, alas without the gramophone. Wonderful objects ... and the dog. His Master's voice. Minerva x

Jesi Yvonne Langdale said...

Too cool! Off to find a gramaphone!

Débora said...

Beautiful beautiful images!

Quenby Sheree said...

That giant one is pretty intimidating, but this is the first time I am seeing the iphone gramophones and I think I love them... now if only had an iphone.