Friday 21 June 2013

The home of... Free peoples assistant design manager

Free peoples assistant design manager in her stunning Bohemian Home
Beautiful relaxing bohemian sitting room: Drooling!

Houseplants and Moroccan inlay table
Tiger rug

Those doors!!!!

Vintage dressing table/ vanity unit with large round mirror

Candles and Houseplants
Green and white bathroom

Free peoples assistant design manager's bedroom: A salt lamp and sheepskin rug
Wow! This home is just so stunning isn't it? Layers of cozy sheepskin rugs, salt lamps,  Indian throws, candles and collected items from all over the world..... Free people employees really do live in some amazing homes. This one is the home of their assistant design manager and I just love it. That sitting room is a dream come true. 


My Grama's Soul said...

Gabi.....this spot is truly spectacular. We are in the process of downing now....and I hope to find some small cozy space with lots of character. (O:(O:



hippyatheart said...

really a wonderful place - love the dressing table.

Unknown said...

wow. so cozy. LOve bathroom colors :)

Melissa said...

Her home really is so incredible!


29th Void said...

Absolutely lovely.

Marjory @SacredFlow said...

Love her bathroom, so much personality & soul!

Boho Mixology said...

Pure perfection! i always see things an think thats my dream space, this has to really be up there with them. smitten with it.

Zoe xx

Anonymous said...

i particularly like the last shot the rugs look like fun