Tuesday 11 June 2013

Houseplants: MaidenHair Fern

My tiny little MaidenHair Fern in hanging planter (by atelier Stella on Etsy)
MaidenHair fern and Salt Lamp duo
Maiden Hair Fern in the kitchen
A Beautiful full MaidenHair fern growing outdoors

I have recently become a little obsessed with ferns, I have been looking for a maidenhair everywhere since seeing the second picture. Yesterday was a winning day, I received my Fern Fever Book in the post (my sister thinks this purchase is hilarious) and I found a tiny little maidenhair fern in a corner shop for 99p...score! He is a little battered but I am hoping he will make it.

Any successful maidenhair growers out there please leave your tips below xx


My Grama's Soul said...

I have grown many a maiden hair fern.....what they need most is humidity....so if you don't have much where it is hung....try and mist it daily if you can. Perhaps you already know this...but just wanted to share.



Ally said...


I LOVE these ferns. I bought two and sadly killed them both. They need to constantly have water. I had my first one in my room and it died. I semi-revived it when I put it in my bathroom and now its growing nicely but still recovering. Like the above commenter stated it needs humidity! Never forget to water. :)

Melissa said...

Gorgeous! I've never thought to grow fern as a houseplant.


Sharon Tomlinson said...

Love your tiny fern and the little blue pot too. Good luck with it.

Anonymous said...

Love it I'm so planting herbs right now too

Sailor July said...

Oooo, I want one! So pretty. :D

Kim said...

I have been in love with this plant for over a year now, but I could never figure out what it's called in Dutch (I live in Holland) so thanks to this article I now know we call it "venushaar" which means "venus hair" hehe :)

so thank you very much! xx Kim

Unknown said...

I love Maidenhair ferns! They are indeed very sensitive but seem to be fairly resilient. I thought I'd killed mine twice after forgetting to water but it came back to life and flourished after I snipped off all the dead bits. Keeping the soil moist is key. Lovely pot btw.

Cure8 said...

I had one doing well in my bathroom years ago, but when I moved it near the window, it died. I don't think they like drafts!

James P. said...

I have a Maidenhair Fern and was a bit wary of it at first as I had read all this stuff about how it had to be misted and it was so delicate and so on. Happily though it seems to be the opposite, once it got settled in it was flying. It needs high humidity but as I am in Ireland and you are in the UK we're ace for the high humidity so you don't need to mist it. I water mine about once or twice a week, it never really gets fully dry but the soil is not saturated either (water doesn't flow out the bottom of the pot when I water). It gets about an hour or two of direct sun a day, most of the light is indirect, being a fern it does really well without too much light, it's used to growing under other plants.

So that's my story, I love your blog, I just started following! :)

yokomiko said...

hello! homebase has a lot of great ferns. i have mine in a terrarium - with the fern sticking out of the top - keeps the humidity up round the base of the plant - which is good because i don't remember to water it that regularly! good luck!

RedOrangePink said...

I find them tricky, and consider myself mostly, a green thumb. Maybe I'll give them another go. They HATE draughts and any kind of direct sun, and as others have said love humidity. Bathrooms are usually good for them, as long as it isn't too cold.

Anonymous said...

Ive lost count of how many maidenhair fern fatalities I am responsible for :((

They are so pretty, I always fall for them, but they are so neurotic they just die of fright at any hint of draft and they need CONSTANT watering.

Don't give them any funny looks and hold your tongue when they insist on wrinkling up their leaves despite copious fluids.

Bung a couple of mg of Valium in the soil if they are getting antsy.

SimpleSue said...

They are so pretty they are worth the effort.
I've had a small one for 9 months and it is looking pretty pathetic, but I have hope now that I put it into a large glass terrarium.