Thursday, 20 June 2013

Weaving: MaryAnne Moodies Wall Hangings

House of Maryanne: Maryanne Moodies awesome Weave wall hanging

In the Making
Wall Hanging design based on Anthopologie bedspread
The Anthopologie inspired weaving in all its finished glory
Wall Hangings and a basket of Beautiful Yarn
Ever since I saw that top picture I have been a little bit obsessed with Maryanne Moodies Instagram feed. Her beautiful hand woven wall hangings are stunning and so inspiring I have spent the morning researching classes here in the UK. I would love to make one as stunning as that top picture. What do you guys think?

To see more of Maryanne's woven wall hangings visit her on Pinterest, instagram and twitter


MacK @ SoulMakes Jewelry said...

love these!!

MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

Kalamity Kelli said...

Such beautiful work!

Kath said...

that top one reminded me of the jacket that Fiona, Marcus' Mum wore in "About a boy". Have you seen that film and noticed how cool and boho her flat is?

Kath said...

hey that's weird, my word verification was "lying" and on the radio is playing "Lying Eyes".
yes I know, easily amused :-)

Moon to Moon said...

I know the home. I loved that place. i also loved her clothes and his cute little cardigan.
Such a cute little film

p.s I am easily amused too :)

Evgenia Bruk said...

Wow the first one really looks funny! I'd buy it :P

Ally said...

I LOVE that first one. the mix of colors is so beautiful!

Lina K said...


jelly andrews said...

Oh my! I think I fell in love with the top picture. That wall hanging is indeed gorgeous. And I really love to see it hang on my wall.