Sunday 29 November 2015

The Home of...... Oroboro's Marina Burini

I have featured loads of homes on Moon to Moon over the years, but this one I think might actually be my favourite. Everything about this Brooklyn Townhouse is just so perfect.

 This is the home of Stylist and store owner Marina Burini and is located above her shop Oroboro (previously called Beautiful Dreamers) in Brooklyn.

What I love about his home is that there is something interesting and surprising in every room. It is full of beautiful textiles, houseplants and stunning little trinkets..... and the most awesome woven cushion I have ever seen (below).

Although like Oroboro, the home is perfectly curated, it is a really homely home and it is evident that it is lived in. With plenty of cushions and enough light to ensure the house plants are happy and thriving, and an awesome meditation corner

Shriti Box

The Bedroom

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To check out Marina's beautiful online shop visit Oroboro


moonpoppy said...

I love her kitchen,such a cozy little nook.

Moon to Moon said...

It is a beautiful kitchen isn't it? If I had a kitchen like that I would be cooking all day xx

moonpoppy said...

I'd love to come and visit and have a taste :)

Oona Julia said...

My heart is melting. Oh what a lovely house!

Unknown said...

What is that box in the photo sort of half-way through?

Moon to Moon said...

It is an instrument called a A shruti box. they are often used for meditation xx

Siki said...

the meditation chairs ♡♡♡ any idea where they are from??

Meg said...

Gorgeous, love the brick and the beams. The kitchen is especially cozy looking.

Lady of the Woods said...

found my kitchen :D