Thursday 18 October 2012

Readers Homes... Raw Chocolatier, Laura Coxeter

Beautiful Bedroom
Sheepskin rug and vintage vinyl 
I love that vintage cabbage crockery 

Donovan and Lloyd Loom
Vintage coats and bags

I love instagram. I have found so many interesting people through it. One of them is the lovely Laura, a raw chocolateir and Radio d.j living in London. I was so stocked when she agreed to show us around her beautiful warehouse living space, and am defiantly not disappointed. Here is more about the Lovely Laura....

1) Tell us a little bit about you and where you live?

I live in North London, in a large Warehouse-sharing with 13 other people! I've only been here a month & it's quite a different way of living! By day I'm a Chocolatier- I make Raw, Vegan chocolate. I also DJ & host a radio show.

2) What attracted you to your home?

 The space & light!

3) Do you have a favourite/sentimental item?

  Oh goodness! I couldn't pick one single item, all my things are treasures! I do have a box of 'Ephemera'. Letters, cards, tickets, trinkets that I keep. Reminders of people & special times.

4) Where do you buy your furnishings? Any recommendations?

I've picked stuff up all over the place, over the years. My mum was always going to junk shops, charity shops & even the rubbish tip when I was growing up! I get my collectors eye from her. I've found a few bits from car boot sales & used to live by Portobello road which was a constant source of treasure. 

5) What/who inspires your personal/ home style?
 I love interiors that look 'lived in'. Eclectic, homely, cluttered even. My mum was always into the Victorian/Edwardian/Georgian periods. Lots of dark wood, deep reds on the walls, always lots of photos & paintings about. Antique Persian rugs and old books. That is an aesthetic that's rubbed off- but I do like to throw in the odd Deco piece & of course love the 60's & 70's earthy look. Lots of wood, ceramics, crochet, plants. Plus a touch of the East & some velvet & lace decadence.

6) What/ where would be your dream home?
 I'm torn between a wooden house, in the forest. Natural, with a wood burning stove & lots of sheepskin. I also love the classic elegance of a Georgian townhouse, filled with dusty bookshelves & lamps......

7) What was the last item you brought?

 I actually bought a large Persian rug. It was a (rare) eBay bargain! 

8) Do you have a wish list item for your home?
Oooh- always searching for better storage for my records. I'd love more macramé plant hangers & to build a glass terrarium.


Anonymous said...

I think light is so important when looking for a place to live. Thats the reason I chose my condo, it has big windows! Also that cat is amazing looking! I love her/his eyes :)

Sara Gossett said...

Love this post on Laura's space!! I found her through instagram too, and she's one of my favorites to follow! Such a great peek, thank you for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

ohhhh dream life. wouldn't mind some of that raw vegan chocolate either! x

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

What a lovely place! Love the white cat, all the vintage stuff, (Donovan photo fab!) and that room with all the light. Gorgeous - great find! Minerva x

Melissa said...

Gorgeous! Light really is so important. I love the pottery/platewares.

<3 Melissa