Thursday 11 October 2012

The Home of.... Kim Krans from The Wild Unknown

The Home of Kim Krans and Jonny aka 'Family Band'

Beautiful wooden table complete with one of Kim's ;The Wild unknown' Prisms

Vinyl collection

Jonny ollsin

Kim Krans

Trinkets: The Wild Unknown Mirror Prism

So inspired by this beautiful rainbow Crystal Mobile
Drink Water :)

Even the inside of the Tarot's box is beautiful

I have a girl crush on Kim Krans. Amaising Musician (Family Band), fabulous illustrator and maker of magical Prisms , and now she has surpassed my expectations and made a set of Tarot cards that are just so unbeleivably gorgeous.

So of course I wasn't surprised when surfing the free people blog to find that Kim and her equally as talented partner Jonny Ollsin live in a beautiful inviting home.

The first run of tarots sold out immediately, but I have just bagged a set of the re-issues which have just gone on sale, to get your hands on a set visit Bona Drag here.... good luck...

The Wild Unknown tarot Cards


Tami Rebekah said...

So lovely!! Thanks for sharing!! Hope you have a great day!

Boho Mixology said...

what an amazing space, I just love everything about it. I love those tarot cards also the illustrations are just beautiful. they are on my must have list but UK shipping was so much :(

Zoe xx

hippyatheart said...

absolutely love that flat, the guitar and the lps are so pretty displayed...

Carla said...

Great space!!! <3
xo Carla

Simply Me said...

Truly Beautiful!, lOVE THIS HOME!!

aroluna said...

bright home and amazing cards! :))

Alice Baca said...

Really beautiful. I love all of the plant life!

Beatnheart said...

just stumbled upon your the boho vibe.
come visit...I make jewelry that would fit your aesthetic

Cynthia @ Beatnheart

Melissa said...

I love the skulls and prism.

<3 Melissa