Friday, 15 March 2013

One Room: Bright relaxing bohemian bedroom..

How beautiful is this eclectic bedroom? It is the bedroom of Emma from MarionHouse. The neautral pain scheme is perfect for dressing up with beautiful Kilim and Indian cushions, kantha quilts and baskets from her travels around the globe.

To create a similar look in your own home try:
Kelim cushions from Plumo ,Gypsy River or babasouk
Stunning Small Fair Trade baskets from Baskets of Africa
Tagine Basket (on Table) from Babasouk
Large laundry Baskets from Swahili Imports
Kantha Quilt from Toast or Fat Lama 


Moon to Moon said...

Totally agree. So nice to lie in the sun on a spring morning xx

Anne Farrell said...

Those cushions are amongst the most amazing I've ever seen.

Vicki said...

That quilt and those cushions - so beautiful.

Cheryl said...

I like the kilim cushions also.

Anybody know a good source to buy them online?


Moon to Moon said...

I have put a couple of links on the post for you Cheryl xx

Tami Rebekah said...

Pinning immediately!! So beautiful!!

tanja wllmot said...

found you again since I pinned lovely, this room, the leaves, the cosiness of it all.