Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Current Obsession.. Beetle (Coleoptera) Pottery

Laura Zindel Hercules Beetle
Beetle Pot: Pirate Rose Pottery on Etsy
Illustrated beetle Mug (CALLIPOGON BARBATUS) Via Two Red Trees
White Beetle Drawer Mug from Liberty
I love beetles. My final year project from my Photography degree was a collection of 5 taxidermy 'Coleoptera' prints, showing Beetles from around the world. Beetles make up about 25% of all life forms and are found on all major habitats, except marine and the polar regions...

...Plus they make great mug subjects.. above are some of my favourite from Laura Zindel, Liberty of London, Two Red Trees and Pirate Rose Pottery Etsy

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BloodyHell said...

I love these mugs!