Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Home of... Leah Hoffman

All images Via Leah's Instagram
A few months ago I featured the beautiful bohemian wedding of Leah and Brice, since then her instagram has become one of my sure favourites.  Not only does the girl have awesome clothes but a great apartment here are some images of her beautiful Nashville loft apartment full of wonderful treasures and textiles.

All these images are published with permission from Leahs instagram and more can be found at.... @leahhoff


Roots and Feathers said...

Leah is my girl with the best style! Great feature Gabi!

Emmett Katherine said...

I follow her on Instagram and love seeing her pictures in my feed, they're always so interesting :)

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Polly said...

Such a gorgeous living space. I especially like the pictures on the fridge, and the mini tipi! I'm hoping to get round to making a mini tipi for my own place :)