Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The 'Cabin in a Loft' of... Terri and Adam

I have seen images of Terri and Adams 'Cabin in a loft' floating around the internet for a while but only today have I found a link to their Tumblr account to see a full set of images.

This beautiful studio apartment in Brooklyn was converted by the Chiaozza shop owners  into a treehouse-esque cabin in a loft for only $2,000. The apartment features furniture made by the couple, rugs from travels to Morocco and copious amounts of houseplants in crazy ass planters... dreamy!

IMages from tumblr and Racked


Sarah Burgis Robinson said...

Thank you for posting this....what a wonderful space!

moonpoppy said...

My boys love the "treehouse"in the fifht picture,I love all the plants!

Kate said...

This is so very beautiful! By far, my favorite homes are those overrun with lovely plants!