Monday, 12 January 2015

Mia Farrow painting her dressing Room

Mia Farrow painting her dressing Room behind the scenes of the 1968 Movie Rosemary's Baby. I think I would need flowers, butterflies and the words peace and love all around me to keep me sane when acting in a psychological thriller like that too!!


NotesFromAbroad said...

From what I have read about her , these days , she hasn't changed much.

Dee said...

I discovered your blog as I wait for winter to cycle to spring.

I love your posts and have been going back to read and drool over the photos. It's very gratifying to see that boho/eclectic/maximalist decor is loved the world over. (I live in the southeast United States.)

Wonderful blog. So very easy on the eyes, and excellent creative ideas.

Mrs Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

What a great find this piece was, thank you for sharing.

Susan Buntrock said...

Oh, I love Mia. Great find. I had never seen this before.