Sunday, 15 July 2012

The studio of ... Charmaine Olivia

Artist Charmaine Olivia in her San Fransico Stuidio..

Charmaine Olivia is a San Fransico based Artist and Model and here are some sneek peaks around her studio. Such an inspirational room, love the chill out nook in the second photo.

Hope you are having a great weekend

xxx Gabi xxx


helen tilston said...

I love the atmosphere and order of her studio.



Blu*M said...

I just checked her website - absolutely fantastic! - thank you for sharing :)

Astrid said...

Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing your space with us!

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Anonymous said...

I love her work, so beautiful. And the studio looks great too!


Jesi Langdale-Anderson said...

The painting behind her in the last photo with the flowers and woman is just stunning! Thank you for sharing this!

little moon lover said...

wow! wish my studio looked like that!
amazing painter btw

gypsie sister said...

I lover her space and work, so cool.

Zoe x

Anonymous said...

Wow, sorry I thought it was your house, it is actually your studio as I have just read on a comment.

It is so lush and gorgeous.