Saturday 25 July 2015

Vintage Rattan Toddler Beds....

Rattan Vintage Bed via Elle Deco

Rattan Toddler Bed used as a day bed in the home of blogger SF Girl by the bay

Rattan Toddler Bed: Elle Maison
Vintage Rattan Toddler bed

Rattan Toddler Bed from 16:15
Vintage Rattan Toddler Bed

Over the last year Alex has already had 3 beds... the Moses Basket, my bed and now currently a cot. He is however a massive baby, towering over toddlers twice his age and his lovely cot is quickly becoming less roomy than it was.

So i am on the search for a toddler bed. Like all our other furniture i want it to be second hand so I have been scanning eBay, Etsy and Gum Tree (the UK's CraigsList) to find a beautiful bed for my little man....

Currently topping the list is one of these beautiful rattan beds, they come in a range of sizes and would be perfect...... such a shame they are so hard to come across at a decent price

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