Sunday 22 April 2018

Homemade: Wood Rub Recipe

Wooden Spoon rub

In my bid to be a little more waste conscious I have come to the conclusion that I really need to start looking after the things I already have.... so I don't need to buy more...... even if I want too :)

One of my little obsessions is wooden utensils, wooden lidded glass jars and crockery. I guess it is reminds me of baking and cooking with my mum as a kid. I was so pleased when, at 18, I left home that my mum donated a couple of her wooden spoons to me...... and was so sad when one cracked a few years ago after being left it in a boiling pan of soup.

I now buy wooden spoons, bowls and plates when ever I come across them in charity shops...... which sadly happens less frequently than I like these days. protect them I have been meaning to buy some wax for a little while......but decided last week to look up a recipe and to my great delight found that I not only already had all the ingredients required, but it is unbelievably easy to make!!!

After I posted the above picture on Instagram I got a few asks for the receipe so thought I would share it on here..... As it wasn't a planned post I haven't taken any great pictures or indeed any of the making process but it is so easy you won't need them anyway :)

2 tablespoons Beeswax (try and get the creamy coloured pellets not white as they haven't been beached)
6 tablespoons Coconut oil or Walnut oil (not olive as can go rancid quickly)

Over a medium heat, in a double boiler, melt the beeswax and oil together, stirring occasionally. Once mixed together and runny pour into a glass jar and wait for it to set

Once your wax/ rub has set use a lint free cloth (I actually used my fingers) to rub a generous amount  into your wooden beauties. Leave overnight  ( or 4 hours if inpatient like me) and then using a lint free cloth buff :) 

Below is a little photo of one of my favourite wooden charity shop finds, a wooden fruit bowl, that shows the before (left) and after (right).... it actually looks a lot more noticeable in 'real life'. It has really brought out the grain out and enhanced the warm red tone of the wood.

Friday 20 April 2018

6 ways with Eucalyptus in the home .....

When my partner brought me a big bunch of flowers a few months ago the last bits to remain were the Eucalyptus branches...... they are such a beautiful shade of green and the smell is so invigorating.....

....I now have them in a lovely large mug on my table and not only do they look beautiful but they have a lovely scent too.   Since making an effort to rid my life of plastic and adopt a more zero waste life style, fragrancing my home naturally has been on my mind....I get through a lot of candles (i add essential oils as they are burning).... and the great thing about Eucalyptus is not only does it last a long time but when you are done you can stick it in the compost!!!

Interested in what else I could do with these beautiful leaves and found lots of seriously good ideas so here are some great ways of incorporating Eucalyptus into your home

1) The Vase
Quick and simple.. yet so effective.....Eucalyptus lasts for a seriously long time and just a few sprigs look and smell great and add some character to your home

2) The wall hanging
Love this idea from Sarah Sherman Samuel using Eucalyptus branches to make a wall hanging, so simple to make and looks so pretty, I recon this would also look really cool hanging from a window :)

Sarah Sherman Samuel - DIY Eucalyptus wall hanging

3) In the Shower

When the leaves are touched the scent is released so hanging some Eucalyptus in the shower is the perfect place to hang it to get the full sensory benefit. Especially good for the cold season... must remember this trick for next winter!!1

Eucalyptus Shower Hanging - Going Zero Waste

4) Mix with other long lasting plants for a pretty bouquet

I saw this lovely bouquet on Pinterest and love the combination of the cotton plant and the Eucalyptus. i would be mega happy with a bunch like this :)

Just a little note of warning, Eucalyptus can be poisonous if ingested in large amounts... so be wary of it around little children, especially when pairing it with something child friendly like cotton
Eucalyptus and Cotton bouquet

5) Eucalyptus' make  the most stunning houseplants... and much less high maintenance than those fiddle leaf figs. These would be great placed in walkways so you got the full aroma of the leaves when you brushed past them...mmmmm!

Eucalyptus as a houseplant 

6) Eucalyptus leaves make the most beautiful natural dyes....I have been reading Rebecca Desnos' book and Plants are magic magazines but still haven't yet tried working with natural dyes. this is one of my big aims for this coming summer. I love the idea of using individual leaves

Eucalyptus leaves as Natural dye

Friday 13 April 2018

Zero Waste : The 28 day Plastic Purge Challenge

Jorge Gamboa's Plastic bag in the shape of an Iceberg

So this new year I made a new years resolution ... to wear matching socks every day ..... and although I am very proud to say I have achieved this so far (the first time since I was 16), I am now thinking it may be time to set myself a bit more of a challenging goal, that has a little more impact than what I am wearing on my feet. So I have decided to take steps to live a more 'Zero Waste' lifestyle.... starting with reducing and purging the plastic within the home and our lives.

Although we always recycle and try and be mindful of the amount of plastic we use, we do still buy a lot of berries that come in those plastic boxes, and other groceries that come with totally unnessary plastic wrapping - like bananas (why are they in plastic?)

So having found the 28 day Plastic Purge challenge image (below) on Pinterest, I am now going to set myself  the (relevant) challenges listed. I have found some great products, how too's and recipes to share with you all but am no expert so I would also really love your help. If you have any ideas that can help me on my way then please either leave a comment or email me at

You can also follow my progress on Instagram here

Plastic Free: The 28 day Plastic Purge Challenge