Wednesday 30 July 2014

Dreaming of a bath under the stars....

Hot tub on top of the world (? Japan)

Mickey Muennig Pheiffer Ridge House IV, Big Sur
Hot tub via Emily Katz
wooden hot tub
Bath under the stars
I first published the bottom image some years ago and it has been my absolute favourite bathroom since. Imagine a bath under the stars surrounded by a private forest.... Heaven!!

Of course any of these beautiful bathtubs would be awesome... which is your favorite?

Tuesday 29 July 2014

The Home of... Tiffany

The home of...Tiffany

It may just be one room with not much furniture but every piece is really beautiful wouldnt you agree?

All images from me melodia

Sunday 27 July 2014

DIY: Make a Rainbow Marble Fence

Rainbow Marbles In the Fence
How cool is this idea to spruce up your boring garden fence? It is also perfect for making the Gartden more interesting for children.

All you need is a selection of colored see through marbles and a drill!

Saturday 26 July 2014


Alenikol from Instagram with her beautiful Sitar
Sitar in Nursery
Martyn Lawrence- Bullard
Bohemian fantasy: Sitar
xx George xx
I am a big Ravi Shankar fan and over the last few years I have really fallen in love with the sound if the Sitar and am considering learning. I  have found a teacher in my local area and am contemplating beginning soon. However they are pretty expensive and I am not sure if it is very realistic with a new born to look after....

but they look and sound so beautiful...

Tuesday 22 July 2014

3 Summer Plant Ideas....

Being on maternity and breastfeeding constantly (very hungry baby) has given me the chance to browse the web on my ipad a lot this last 7 weeks. As regular readers will know I am a total house plant addict although I rarely try anything interesting with my plants.

Whilst browsing I have been collecting loads of Images of houseplants and this morning came across this article about summer plant ideas and I thought I would try my hand at something different, so inspired by the I have put together my own 3 Summer Plant Ideas...

1) Succulents in Trays

Summer plant Ideas: Succulent display

Summer Plant ideas: Succulent tray

I really love the idea of putting a number of succulents together in a tray. The wonderful about succulents is not only are they great for novice houseplant gardeners, as they extremely hard to kill, but they come in a great range of shapes and textures making them perfect for grouping together.... the big squishy ones look great next to a spikey dude :)

2) Getting Creative with Planters

Mirror Ball planter
Succulent in a Timer , via Justina Blakeney
Houseplant in a seashell
I spend a lot of time looking through charity shops and thrift stores looking for beautiful ceramic planters but never think about using objects I already have. A good friend's mum from college had a beautiful house plant growing out of a beautiful African Drum, which I always thought was really cool and i love the idea of using found objects or pre-loved items to re-purpose as planters. The mirror ball idea is one I really like as positioned in an open window on a windy day would produce some crazy-ass reflections!!

3) Pots with faces
Perfect for introducing kids to plants: Wolf planter from etsy

Skull planters
Houseplant collection with a Stella Atelier face planter

Whether they are grouped together or you have one rouge smiling planter amongst your pots, these pots will bring a sense of fun to your house plant collection.... but be warned they are addictive ( I now have 4 Stella Atelier pots... whoops).

Animal planters are also a perfect way to get kids excited about house plants.... remember Mr Grasshead?.... I thought he was so cool...

What do you guys think?
To see the original article this post was inspired by visit The Joy Of Plants here

Sunday 20 July 2014

A Former Masonic Lodge's Psychedelic Makeover....

Museum of Modern Renaissance... A former masonic lodge

Check out this awesome Psychedelic interior and exterior of Boston, Massachusetts' ex-Masonic Lodge....

The property was transformed into The Museum of Modern Renaissance in 2002 by Russian artists Nicholas Shaplyko and Ekaterina Sorokina, who also call this psychedelic gorgeousness their home...

Fabulous isnt it?

To see more of this building and read a great article about the history of the Museum please visit here

Saturday 19 July 2014

The World of Interiors..... Bedrooms

Ricardo Labougle for the world of interiors
World of Interiors bedroom
World of Interiors bedoom
Ettore Guateli: His Own Devices. Photography: Ricardo Labougle. World of Interiors Magazine
ceramicist Valentine Schlegel’s bedroom, World of Interiors
Bedroom From an Unknown issue of World Of Interiors
David Harrison's London Flat, 1966. World of Interiors.
World Of Interiors Jan 2013

Thursday 17 July 2014

Current obsession: Indian Chakki Tables...

Indian Chakki table via Beyond Marrakesh
Indian Chakki Table
Chakki/ grinder Table
Hand painted Chakki grinder table from India
You know one of those elusive items that you see when you have overspent for the month and then spend years daydreaming about and kicking yourself for not getting? That is how I feel about the beautiful Indian Chakki Table that I saw in Glastonbury's Dilway and Dilway 4 or 5 years ago. Since then I have been searching and searching but have never found one in the UK that hasn't 'just been sold', too big for my sitting room or topped with a cushion and transformed into an ottoman.

Originally used as a base and stand for household stone mills they make great coffee tables, especially if you are clumsy like me and have habit of knocking over red wine and coffee as the raised edge can help prevent it running over the sides and ruining your carpet or favorite rug.

One day I will have one...

Tuesday 15 July 2014

The relaxing home of... Lauren and Chad

Macrame Planter

Beautiful light and airy Master bedroom

Mid century Modern hanging planter
Guest room
Up close: succulents and air plants
The sitting Room, with an original Eames chair (sigh)

 I had re-pinned a number of pictures from this house before finding a working link that took me through to Apartment therapy and discovering it was all the same house. The home is owned by Vintage shop 'Dear Golden' owners Lauren and Chad and is situated in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

The bathroom and that beautiful relaxing bedroom are the two rooms that really caught my eye. Obviously it has been tidied, de-cluttered and styled within an inch of it's life for the photo shoot but I still really like the vibe of this place.

If like me you are a bit obsessed with that stunning mid-century modern planter, you can get similar designed by Justina Blakney here

To read the full article and see more images of this beauutiful house vist Apartment Therapy