Thursday 31 December 2015

2016: Meditation, Relaxation and Good Intentions

Meditation, Relaxation and Letting Go

The ultimate bohemian lounging space
Crystals and candles
Relaxation: Candle Lit porch

I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year. 2015 has been a crazy year, life with a toddler is intense and magical.......I have had some great experiences and opportunities that would never have been possible without your continued support.

Hope 2016 is good to you all

xx Gabi xx

Monday 28 December 2015

The Source Family

The Source Family Restaurant on Sunset Strip where the 'cult' first began

Making Music in the Source Family mansion
Isis Aquarian from The Source Family

I have always had a thing about crazy ass cults and The Source family are the archetypal cult...... Beautiful Women and men in flowing white gowns living in a Californian mansion, running a super successful health food restaurant , practicing meditation in a redwood temple and led by a  charismatic White haired bearded figure, with many wives, who believed he was God.... oh and they also formed a pretty epic psychedelic rock band....

If you havent seen the documentary I urge you to give it a watch.... you will almost want to join.... almost...
Although the mansion housed many of father Yods followers the cult got so popular people were living in tents on the land

The Source family wants women

Isis Aquarian and Father Yod

Thursday 24 December 2015

The Home of Aimee Kibbe and Tiger Lilie

Aimee Kibbe is the middle generation of a three generation gold country family. She makes (and collects) extraordinary things, including the handmade structures that she inhabits on her off grid property outside of town. Her art can be seen all over town in various locations and in the homes of local folk. She is adept at embroidery, as is her own mother, and makes exquisite dolls, but to reduce the scope of her creativity to one medium would be fool-hearty. Everything she touches becomes a work of art, including her person which is often adorned in such a way that she is beautifully distracting. You can't buy her work in any store. If she is in a good mood and has a rapport with you, she might consider a trade, but more often than not, she will randomly grace someone with one of her creations.

Aimee also collects small animals and created a daughter named Tiger every bit as beautiful, creative, and fiery as her mama. If you spend any time in Nevada City, you'll see one or both of them around town....

All images Kat Alves and words (above) found at Gold Dust Collective

Ummmm..... WOW!..........My jaw dropped and I was actually rendered speechless for at least a minute when I saw this amazing home of Aimee Kibbe and daughter Tiger Lilie on GoldDustCollectives webpage. I really want to live here!!!

That kitchen is an absolute dream. It just looks so cosy and warm and really inspiring. I bet so many beautiful healthy meals are prepared in there! I can imagine it smelling of yummy homemade soup, freshly made bread and spice. Heaven!

Tuesday 22 December 2015

The church Transformed into a Colorful Skate Park...

The church of Santa Barbara in Llanera, Asturias, transformed into a colorful Skate park

 Built in 1912, the church of Santa Barbara in Llanera, Asturias was left for years falling apart and abandoned until a group of skaters got together with the help of Redbull and turned Santa Barbara into the epic indoor Skate park you see above.

The skate park is a cool idea, but for me the best bit is that bright geometric artwork, by artist Okuda.
 Its almost worth taking up skateboarding for :)

What do you guys recon?

Original article and Photos via This is colossal

Monday 21 December 2015

House Plant Porn....

Tropical plants in the Home
Valentina Sommariva
Orangery at calke Abbey
House Plants at gabriela Jauregui
Here is a bit of pre-christmas House plant porn for y'all!

Saturday 19 December 2015

The home of..... Artist Amanda Picotte

 I love this Greenpoint, Brooklyn home of Artist Amanda Picotte. lthough I have never been drawn to industrial buildings in the past I am really impressed with how homely these buildings can be made to look. I guess the huge windows and high ceilings are just perfect for houseplants.\

To see more of Amanda and her work visit her webpage here

Thursday 17 December 2015

Moon to Moon on Apartment Therapy

Image by Emily Katz
I was totally honored to discover that Moon to Moon had been featured on Interior Design website Apartment therapy in their article "5 Bohemian Design Blogs You May Not Be Reading (Yet!)". I especiially liked the description :)

 Wherever you look these days, it seems like bohemian style is the thing. If you are among the folks who just can't get enough of the 1970s, patterns, plants, weavings, geometric shapes, and the comfortable clutter of bohemian interiors, here are five more places to get your daily dose of inspiration.....

One of my favorite recent finds, Moon to Moon is written by Gabi, a blogger with impeccable taste. If you don't believe me, believe Christie's Auction House, which recently invited her to design a room (see it here) using items from their November catalog. Moon to Moon features a little bit of something for everyone: history, inspiration, shopping recommendations, house tours, and decor roundups. 

Impeccable taste... i can roll with that!

Thank you to Apartment Therapy

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Waldorf Play Rooms

I have just started my little boy at my local Steiner Playgroup for mums and toddlers. I have meaning to go for a while and I am so glad I have finally taken the step and gone along. Before I had Alex I promised myself wouldn't buy him loads of cheap plastic toys and books about TV characters, but over the last few months as he has become harder to please I have found myself giving in to 'screen time', and annoying talking books started entering the house. My home was starting to look like someone elses! So a couple of weeks ago I made a stand against myself and enroled him in the playgroup in an attempt to inspire me to change my lazy ways and help Alex find some calm.

Waldorf style Playroom

The minute I entered the school I felt so relaxed. Everything was in natural colours and just so simple and earthy. There were of course a great selection of Grimm's stacking toys, silk scarves, and Waldorf dolls. And even though he did spend the first 15 minutes climbing up and down the stairs shouting proudly, even Alex became relaxed in this new chilled environment. I even got some time to sit and make a Christmas Orange and Clove decoration whilst he played quietly with a wooden duck...... result!

Anyway, I promise I am not going to turn Moon to Moon into a parenting blog but just wanted to share my reasoning for these photos of Steiner/Waldorf playrooms. I am sure there will be plenty of plastic in my future as he grows up, but for now whilst I can still have an element of control over his toys I am going to stick to natural fibers...

Next time we are making Waldorf dolls, so who knows, maybe I will be making all his toys :)

Waldorf Style Playroom
Waldorf Style Playroom with Wooden Toys and Autumn corner
A Waldorf Class Room
Waldorf play area

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Rainbow in The Dark.....

" Dark, Light, Mysterious, Gypsy and Psychedelic. Shot in the hinterland of Byron Bay By curator Sally Patti. Featuring incredible vintage by Theendcollective and Jewellery By Vice Jewellery. This house was hand built in the seventies and has a hippie commune vibe. Filled with nick nacks, crystals, books and antique gypsy trinkets from decades ago. There was not a single door in the whole house and the nature outside was welcomed indoors. Loft beds and holes in the floor. The perfect place to loose your mind. "

 The other day my friend Georgie (owner of the fabulous Luna Rose Vintage) led me to a picture of this awesome photoshoot by Sally Patti that she had found on Instagram. My heart jumped. This beautiful shoot, shot outside Bryon bay is literally like something from my dreams!!

I have always wanted my own little bohemian/witchy chill out retreat in the woods and this is pretty much exactly how I imagined it!

To view more of this beautiful photo shoot styled for Vice Jewellery visit The Drip