Saturday 28 September 2013

Cafe Hopping...

Being a shift worker and having 4 days off a week, I am a total sucker for a bit of cafe hopping. A latte here, a cup of tea there... with friends or even on with just the company of a good book (either to read, or to pretend to read, the perfect disguise for a bit of people watching). These are some of my favorite cafes from Pinterest, each chosen for their relaxing properties ... now all I need is a 
tele-porting devise

Caravan Restaurant
Julianna's cafe, Atlanta
Mistral cafe, Paris
The Budding Vegetarian Cafe, Galway
Es JaƧ Coctail Bar – Mallorca
Attridge &Cole , Belfast

Thursday 26 September 2013

The Yoga retreat home of... Paul Manza

 I love Style like u. Mainly because the homes and people rarely share my aesthetic, but every now and then a house or mind set of a 'closet' study/subject totally resonates with me. This home and yoga retreat of Yoga teacher Paul Manza is one of those houses and this calm, thoughtful space and Paul's interview have come at a time when I needed them... 

I have to be honest recently I have been feeling a little uninspired for Moon to Moon. I have sat for hours planning posts that do not materialize into anything.... bloggers block maybe? usually it will be one image that will talk to me and I will be off at a million miles an hour searching for images but this hasn't happened for weeks... a car that has had to be scrapped, a change from working on a slower paced children's ward back to hectic 12 hours shifts in A&E (ED) and trying for a baby have all consumed my mind and I think I have forgotten to breathe and relax. I haven't done yoga for months :(

Worn and loved with an abundance of natural healing energy,  inspiring contemplation and reflection, that is what a home should be.

Relax. Breathe 


Thursday 19 September 2013

Frida Kahlo Inspired bathtime

Frida kahlo... What the water gave me, 1938
Wooden bathtub
Bathing with a Chicken and a Bud... Of course
Like Frida Kahlo many of us spend our time reflecting and daydreaming in the bath. The ultimate place of solace and the only place it is still acceptable to lock the door and leave the world outside. What I love about these pictures is that the photographers are letting them into their private bath time, chickens, Budweiser's and all... personally I am more of a bath salt and book girl, but hey whose judging :)

Wednesday 11 September 2013


I have just come back from a wonderful long weekend in Copenhagen and have fallen in Love. 

Of course I visited all the traditional tourist hot-spots, Nyhaven , Christinsborg Palacel, The Freecity of Chistiania (once a beautiful hippie community now just intimidating)  etc but what I fell for was the beautiful Botanical gardens and Geological Museum. The Spiral staircase pictured, leads to a rickety walkway high above the main palm house which was both terrifying and magical!

Cactus house at the Copenhagen Botanical gardens
Spiral staircase at the Copenhagen Botanical Gardens
View from my lunch box: Copenhagen Botanical gardens lake
Copenhagen Botanical gardens palm House
Scolecite at Copenhagen geological Museum
Okenite at Copenhagen Geological Museum
The meditative walk to the top at Round Tower in the centre of Copenhagen

All images via my instagram :)

Tuesday 10 September 2013

Jewelled Skulls from Child of Wild

Child Of Wild, handmade Jewelled Skull: Daisy Buchanan with 1930's beading trim
Child of Wild: Opus Postumum Skull
Indian nights Cow Skull
Like a Rolling Stone: Cow Skull from Child of Wild

Aren't these skulls great? they are all hand made by the talented Child of Wild. One of these macabre beauties would look awesome at the top of my stairs or over a fire place. 

In their own words... 

 "pieces are heavily researched and inspired from historical art movements and cultural rituals and ideals. We believe that these pieces should have relevance in the world and the cultures, tribes, artists that produced them should be given credit. We are very particular with who we do business with and import from and make a huge effort to buy in a way that will sustain the culture where the pieces originated"

For more information and a browse through the other beautiful objects, including this faboulous headdress, visit Child of Wild....

Monday 9 September 2013

The Home of.... Amelie Poulain

Amelie Poulains apartment in the film Amelie
Michael Sowa's wonderful prints from the Film Amelie

All images via Pinterest and Tumblr
I love Amelie. Not only is it a wonderfully eccentric story, but with a rich palette of Reds, Greens, yellows and creams with the occasional splattering of electric blue, Amelie's apartment is one of my all time favorite bohemian film interiors. As a shy, home-body Amelie has developed a rich interior style with beautiful contrasting wallpapers and textiles and my personal favorite is the artwork by German Artist Michael Sowa.

What are some of your favourite film interiors? To view more of my favourites click here

Sunday 8 September 2013


Grand and quintessentially Bohemian: A Velvet chaise long and a spiral staircase

Upstairs: Red Worn velvet stairs
Upstairs: Kettles yard , Cambridgeshire England
Stone stairway
Wooden Stairs
Green Wooden stairs
House of Dalat, Vietnam
Floral carpet

"Words cannot express quite a lot of feelings,
 whereas a noise or tone or drone or sound,
 an accordion falling down a staircase,
 can somehow capture an emotion much better"

John Lydon