Monday 27 April 2009


My teapot is rubbish, it leaks.
Being  English  i can not possibly live without a teapot and tea. So i decided to take it upon myself to look at the best teapots on offer and decide upon a winner. The only requirements
  • it does not leak
  • it can fit at least 3 cups of tea in it
  • and that it is not too boring or too fussy
The teapot i have found is from Toast and is an indian teapot that can hold 3/4 of a pint and is priced at £39. I think it is lovely and looks pretty sturdy.

Friday 17 April 2009


Today we signed the papers for a new house. Not just a flat but a house with stairs and a garden. I am so pleased, I can plant lavender in the garden and study in the spair room, I am so happy, things are looking up at last.

To celebrate i desided to go and look around the local shops. I discovered that monsoon have some beautiful peices that i would love for the new house. In particular the silver jar above would be perfect for my cotton wool balls.

Thursday 16 April 2009

Moroccan mirros

These little mirrors would look so lovely on a wall scattered at different heights. They are from Soukh .

Stones of happiness

Both of these images have been kinda 'stolen' from another blog, Dancing mermaid . The top photo just made me feel so happy and cosy i thought i would share and refer to this lovely site.

Tuesday 14 April 2009

Melbu Mirror

I just love this Melbu mirror from ikea. I was so shocked when I saw it is is actually really good quality, and has a really nice bed and smaller round mirror to match. A must have for any bohemian boudoir !

At only £100 it is quite a bargin.

Thursday 9 April 2009

Cat Power

I adore this photo. I just find it so inspiring

Rearranging my bathroom

There is only so much you can do in a rented flat. I know we are going to be moving in a few months so new furniture is out of the question and with my poor financial affairs at the moment, making do with what i have got is the only option.

I want to create a bathroom that has a spa feel to it. Warm relaxing and inviting.

Wednesday 8 April 2009

French bottles

you can buy these at  Cologne and Cotton

French Milk bottles

I just love these milk bottles they are from dibor or they can be found on amazon

Songbird chandelier

now i really do have to dream as this costs over 700 $. Or i could make it i am sure for cheaper.

Why does it have to match?

I just love this picture. Why on earth would you want all your plates and bowls to match. How can you have a favorite mug or bowl if everything looks the same?


Lovely lamps

I love the lamp base. These are available at Falvia Del Pra.

I just love the lamp base, this kind of design would look great on my plant pots, these are from Flavia del Pra

Tuesday 7 April 2009

Bed throw

Love this bed spread
Picture from dorling kingsley of all places

Bhatik- my new love

I just love these candle holders, But i havent got enough room for them all :(
They are available from

Bohemian accessory - Moroccan Lanterns

Bohemian accessory- The Morrocan lantern
Make your own Moroccan lanterns from jars - Via design sponge
Beautiful bohemian Moroccan lanterns

Anthopologie -bohemian interiors
Moroccan Lanterns
No Bohemian interior can be without a touch of Morocco and where better to add a slice of the exotic than with a beautiful bohemian lantern.

chai tea and ganesh

I love these two pictures from here


dont know if i would have this colour in my house but i do think it is wonderful and works so well with the red

lotus cushion

I love the lotus cushion. Apparently it is from this website, although i could not see it anywhere.

I wish I was sat here

Koko Pillows

I love these pillows from they are great, i particularly like the elephant rice one :)

Purple plants

I really love the table decoration.

The fake hydranger can be bought at for 7.99 each, although real ones would be nicer

Painted disks from Rajistan

These little painted disks can be found at and are all hand painted in rajistan. They are to be worn as necklaces but personally think they would look great on the wall in the above pattern.


I love the marble lotus flower, though at 200 i think it is just a tad out of my student price range. it can be found, along with loads of other beauties at
The spice box is also gorgeous and can be found at

Appartment therapy

Kitchen Plants

Bohemian window ideas for the kitchen

Bohemian Kitchen, light and airy

The kitchen is the room where you cook and prepare wonderful dishes full of wonderful vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts, so what better place to grow plants and get some inspiration for your culinary dishes.
Hanging spider plants and cheese plants are my favouritesm, creating natural dramatic sillouttes,.

Thursday 2 April 2009