Saturday 17 December 2016

Fernando Higueras - Rascainfierno (Hellscraper)

Fernando Higueras - Rascainfierno, Madrid, 1975-77- all images via  Fernando Higueras Foundation (click here to be directed)

Rascainfierno - "Hellscraper ", is the late Architect Fernando Higueras's Madrid residence that is entirely underground! The house was started in 1972 and would become his home and studio until his death in 2008.

Higueras graduated as an architect at the Escuela T├ęcnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid in 1959, where he characterized his work distanciandose of rationalism and he closely followed the ideology of Frank Lloyd Wright. Thus his architecture promotes harmony between human habitat and its natural surroundings, respecting the natural environment.

 "This idea saved my life thirty-odd years ago, when my friend Francisco Nieva read my tarot, saw me in three years buried underground, with a cypress above me, when for 4 times in a row the death appeared in the cards. I insisted that this did not necessarily mean that I would die. Then, it occurred to me this first hellscraper (then I projected a higher one for Ground Zero in New York), I planted a cypress, 18 meters high today, and I'm still here...alive." Fernando Higueras

Friday 16 December 2016

Cosmic Sun Beams: Mirrors and Sun Catchers

One to watch for 2017.........I am totally in love with these awesome Pyramid mirrors and rainbow sun catchers from Cosmic Sun Beams! I would love a giant pyramid mirror at the top of my stairs

Cosmic Sun Beams have no plans for a website but to see more of their fab work visit their Instagram here or email them at for more info

2 ft Miror on display in Merchant Modern

Sunday 4 December 2016

The (former) home of....Mathieu Gallois

This awesome urban jungle apartment was home to artist Mathieu Gallois for 17 years until 2014 when the owners sold the plot for redevelopment. Mathieu installed skylights to ensure his plethora of jungle plants would continue to thrive in the warehouse apartment. Not just his home Mathieu also used the Redfern pad as a studio.

DIY Architecture, 2007. Vogue magazine photoshoot
The home included the above DIY articteture piece, the brief can be seen below

+Create a sleeping space for visiting artists, friends and family to stay for short periods in our Redfern artists studio / home.

+Use at least 50% recycled stuff in the construction of the new room.

+Source materials locally.

Images from The Planthunter and Pinterest