Monday 5 March 2018

A sustainable cob house in Zealand, Denmark


This stunning cob house in Zealand, Denmark is owned by Karen and Flemming Abrahamsson. Flemming, once a builder, went on to train as an architect after becoming tired of working with architects who didn't have a vision for or understanding of an ecologically sustainable way of building.

The cob home is situated on the couples plot of land and is used as a sanctuary and visitors house, and was built as part of a workshop that Flemming ran teaching students how to build in the cob method.

To see ore of this beautiful home and read more about its build visit kmldesign

Photos by Kira Brandt, Styling by Katrine Martensen-Larsen

Saturday 3 March 2018

A mellow cabin in vermont

Back to the chilled and neutral palette that I so much crave these days.....I never thought I would turn almost minimalist in my tastes but there is something about earthy tones that really makes me feel so relaxed.

The Vermont home is lived in by writer Robin MacArthur and her husband Ty and romantically the hand built cabin is on the spot on which Robins childhood hideaway was located, that the pair later decided to build their family home on.

As a bit of a home obsessive, soon after seeing these photos on Design Sponge I decided I needed to see more and was quickly headed to instagram to see if Robin had an account. Although these pictures are beautifully shot, and really do show off the stunning building that the pair built by hand, there is something about seeing a house as it is really lived in that gives a home a true warmth. So below I have included some pictures from Robin's instagram (link below)... that show the cabin as not only as a building but as a home..... a very happy one at that....

To see more of Robin's families beautiful house and read the story behind it visit Design Sponge or alternatively to see the home 'lived in' visit Robin's Instagram @robinwoodbird

Photography by Robin MacArthur

Heart Spring Mountain, Robin MacArthurs new book out now

Thursday 1 March 2018

A Bright and Bold New Zealand Home......


A lot of the homes I have been featuring of late on Moon to Moon have been nice and chilled and quite neutral, as this is the way I have been headed with my own home to counterbalance the wonderful hecticness (yes that is a new word I have invented) of living with a three year old.

However, I do appreciate a bit of colour and in a world where white walls, natural wood, houseplants, peacock chairs and wall hangings are almost becoming a uniform (I am really not knocking it, I have all this myself) isn't it so refreshing to see an original, quirky home that goes against the grain?

This stunning New Zealand home owned by Evie and Sam home is kinda what I would expect my sister to live in if she had a bigger home. It still has elements of the natural, neutral and handmade, beetle artwork in the sitting room and the studio pottery on the dresser, but also incorporates bright bold prints and plenty of David Bowie inspired artwork and clashing colours...... and the Eero Aarnio ball chair.... I always wanted one of those growing up!

It will be no surprise to learn that Evie is a designer and stylist! and she lives in Auckland with her OBGYN husband Sam. To see more of this beautiful house and read the interview please follow the link to Design Sponge

Photography by Becks Silke from Little White Lies